• Online Review Management

  • Getting customer feedback is an integral part of running a business. It can help you understand how the users of your products or services feel about them, about your company, and about you. This in turn can help you improve your product / service.

    In our digital age, people have plenty of opportunities to post reviews about businesses online. Positive reviews can build up a business by enhancing its trustworthiness or its credibility.

    On the other hand, negative reviews can damage a business' brand and reputation. This depends on the quantity of negative reviews compared to positive reviews as well as how the negative reviews are handled by the business.

    Remember, nowadays people often check out online reviews and take them into consideration when making decisions about buying a product, using a service, or working with a particular business.

  • Key Benefits

    • Protect your brand's reputation.
    • Increase trust in your business.
    • Improve your business' credibility.
    • Stay ahead of any customer issues.
    • Influence consumer puchasing decisions.
    • Drive more traffic to your website.
    • Boost your website's local SEO.
    • Get more referrals and sales.
    • Get ideas for improvement.
  • The Review Management Process

  • Request feedback and encourage your customers / clients to leave online reviews.

  • Be on the lookout for reviews and social comments being left around the web.

  • Show appreciation for positive reviews and quickly address any negative reviews.

  • Review Generation
  • Generate Reviews

    When it comes to getting more positive reviews, timing and consistency is key!

    The best time to ask for feedback is soon after a transaction or service has been completed. Doing this on a consistent basis will result in a greater number of positive reviews.

    We can help you automate this process while improving your star ratings by helping you get more 4 and 5 star reviews.

    This involves reaching out to your customers / clients and asking them for feedback. Then giving them the option to leave a review on one of your preferred review sites.

  • Review Monitoring
  • Monitor Reviews

    With so many review sites available out there, trying to keep up with your reviews by logging into each review platform individually can be quite time-consuming.

    We can help you save time while staying informed about what people are saying about your business!

    Our local search marketing platform will 'listen' for mentions of your business on your connected review sites. You will be automatically notified when someone leaves an online review or social comment.

    All reviews from these sites that matter will be pulled into your dashboard for you to read them all in one place.

  • Review Followup
  • Respond to Reviews

    An important part of review management is responding to the reviews that have been posted online... the good and the bad. Show appreciation for the positive reviews and quickly address any negative reviews.

    With our review management service, you will find this very easy to do! No need to log into individual review sites to respond to reviews.

    You will be able to respond to the reviews that have been pulled into your dashboard right there and your response will automatically be posted on the corresponding review sites.

    We even make it easier for you by providing Review Response Templates to help you figure out what to say.

  • Savvy, Forward-Thinking Business Owners
    Understand the Importance of Review Management!